City Releases List of Proposed Firehouse Closures

The city has finally released its list of 20 fire companies slated to close under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed budget. According to the New York Daily News, the list of engine companies and ladders include four companies in Queens: Engine 294 on Jamaica Avenue, Engine 306 on 214th Place, Engine 328 on Central Avenue and Ladder 128 on Greenpoint Avenue.

One engine company that has been rumored to close, Engine 271 on Himrod Street in Brooklyn, which serves most of Ridgewood, was spared in the new round of proposed cuts.

Brooklyn neighborhoods are hardest hit with eight companies or ladders facing closure. Queens is second with its four proposed cuts. Manhattan and the Bronx both have three companies slated to close, and Staten Island has two companies on the chopping block.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village) who chairs the Fire and Criminal Justice Committee said these cuts would impact everyone in the city.

“The Mayor’s list of the 20 targeted company closings illustrates how every corner of this city will be impacted, its safety compromised and its residents put at risk—this is unacceptable. If the city moves forward with any of these closures, people who could have been saved will die,” Crowley said.

Bloomberg has said closing the 20 companies would save $55 million, but the administration has stressed the list is tentative and could change drastically during budget negotiations.

by Eric Yun


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