23rd Assembly Race Takes Shape

23rd Assembly Race Takes Shape

The race to fill Audrey Pheffer’s Assembly seat in the 23rd district is taking shape with both candidates making the rounds in Howard Beach, and other mainland neighborhoods, with a little more than one month to go.

Republican candidate Jane Deacy held a fundraiser at Roma View catering last week and saw Republican and Conservative leaders from all over Queens and Nassau counties turn out in support of Deacy who hails from the Breezy Point section of the Rockaways.

Deacy’s drive and ambition were praised by Senator Marty Golden and City Councilmen Eric Ulrich and Dan Halloran. And New York State Conservative Chair Mike Long was there to assure potential voters what they would be getting with Deacy in their corner. “Jane is a fighter and her zeal will go a long way in the assembly,” Long said, “but she can’t do it alone.” He added that if every voter in the room got their friends who got their friends, Deacy would definitely be the one going to Albany.

In addressing the more than 200 supporters in attendance, Deacy said she would be thrilled to take her “big mouth to Albany.” “I look forward to serving the people of this district in the way that they should be served,” the candidate said, adding that she would continue to identify the key issues of concern in the district and set out to address each of them.

Later on in the week, Democratic candidate Phil Goldfeder was joined by prominent Democrats at the opening of his Howard Beach campaign office on Crossbay Boulevard.

Chair of the Queens Democratic Party, Congressman Joe Crowley, spoke of Goldfeder as the man “best fit to fill Audrey Pheffer’s shoes.

Goldfeder described himself as humbled by the whole experience and ready to work to make the communities in his district safe and prosperous. “I’m very excited,” he told those in attendance, “and I have the enthusiasm and the energy to make a difference. I want to continue my life of public service.”

Among those in attendance were Senator Joe Addabbo, Assemblyman Mike DenDekker, Councilmember James Sanders and Democratic District Leader Frank Gulluscio.

by Patricia Adams


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