Bob Turner Discusses Future of Small Business

Bob Turner Discusses Future of Small Business

Republican Congressional candidate Bob Turner met with more than 40 residents in Forest Hills on Tuesday evening to discuss the challenges small businesses face in the present economy.

“We are in a climate of uncertainty,” said Turner. “We don’t know what’s in the mind of the federal government. Should we build a new plant? Open a new store? No, we wait. It is a strangling force while we are trying to work for growth.”

Turner is hoping to defeat Democrat David Weprin and become the first Republican since 1928 to represent the 9th congressional district.

“Government is not supposed to be the only business in town,” said city Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park), who joined Turner for the event at Manor Oktoberfest restaurant on Yellowstone Avenue. “Bob knows what it’s like to run a small business. He has created jobs.”

Originally a businessman, Turner worked in the television industry for over forty years, starting and managing small and large businesses. He refers to himself as a “real guy from the neighborhood” who takes a short-term approach to his political career, not keeping his eye on the next election.

“Small businesses, the burden is on you,” said Turner. “They have tagged you as the problem, not the solution. However, in the past, presidents such as Reagan have shown that you are the engine that drives posterity. You will save the country. I promise to work tirelessly to get this job done.”

Turner believes that the mindset of the Obama administration is warped because you cannot spend your way out of a debt problem. He said that taxing the rich, who only account for five percent of the population, is not the solution, nor is increased taxes on small businesses. Turner proposes reducing taxes, cutting regulations and lowering capital gains tax to increase investment in new small businesses.

“Bob Turner has some great ideas because he is a real guy,” said Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone). “He is someone who is business savvy and comes from experience—not from business school, not from being a government lackey—from actually going out and doing things. One of the greatest things about most of the Republicans in office today is that they know it’s guys like these who are going to save the country, the economy, and jobs for each and every one of us.”

A major concern was raised by residents on the growing debt crisis. When asked if he would have voted for the increase in the debt ceiling on August 2, Turner replied, “I would have voted yes. It was a compromise that had to be made at that time. For the next year we need to send the message to stop spending as much as we can. The tax base has to be restructured.”

With the Peninsula Hospital likely closing in Far Rockaway, the healthcare system in Queens also became an issue. “The Peninsula Hospital is the fifth hospital to close in Queens,” said Dr. Thomas Reilly of Woodhaven. “One-third of residents get healthcare outside of Queens. We need a Republican like Bob to shake things up.”

A local business owner ended the night by proclaiming, “You are a businessman and true American who lives in our district. You are going to help the country when it’s in need. You have my vote. It’s a common sense thing because you are a man for the people.”

The special election will be held on September 13th – the same day as the New York Primary.

by Shannon Farrell



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