Deacy Pledges No New Taxes

Deacy Pledges No New Taxes

With the September 13 special election fast approaching, 23rd Assembly republican candidate Jane Deacy has promised not to raise taxes or vote for any tax raising bills. In a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Deacy put that promise into writing by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Deacy says that she signed the pledge due to concerns businesses and families have about rising taxes in New York, which is driving many out of the city.

“Year after year, we see taxes skyrocketing and the spending grows and grows, and we’ve had enough,” Deacy said. “This is a promise to the people of Queens that each and every time a tax increase is brought to the floor of the Assembly, I will oppose it.”

She also hopes to repeal numerous taxes, tolls and fees that she says are damaging to families and businesses in Queens. This includes eliminating the Cross Bay Bridge toll and repealing the MTA Payroll tax.

“If we’re going to grow our local economy, we cannot continue to penalize the people who want to bring their jobs and do business in our community,” Deacy said.

Patricia and Benny Biordi, who hosted the press conference outside of their Howard Beach home, say that they support Deacy signing this pledge because they feel it has become too expensive for them to live in Queens.

Benny and Patricia said that they have seen their property taxes increase from $1,800 to $6,500 since they started living in Howard Beach 15 years ago.

“The taxes have gone out of control,” Patricia said. “We’ve discussed, several times, leaving the state because of it.”

A 2009 study done by the Empire Center for New York State Policy found that from 2000 to 2008, more than 1.5 million state residents left New York for other parts of the United States. It was the largest out-of-state migration in the country.

The Biordis, who have four children, Nicholas, 10, Justin, 9, Victoria, 7, Samuel, 4, say they would prefer to stay in New York so that their kids can raise their children in Queens.

Councilman Eric Ulrich (R- Ozone Park) praised Deacy for willing to promise that she won’t raise taxes and for putting it in writing.

“It takes a lot of guts,” Ulrich said. “I know that when she goes to represent the Biordi family, and all the families in the 23rd district, that she’s not going to be afraid to be an independent voice for her constituents.”

Deacy, who is running against Democrat Phil Goldfeder for the Assembly seat vacated by Audrey Pheffer, points out that she is the only candidate in this race willing to put their opposition to tax increases in writing.

“Even though unemployment levels are through the roof and people are leaving New York in droves, my opponent still refuses to make a pledge to our community to oppose tax increases,” Deacy said in a press release.

Ulrich and the Biordis also signed as official witnesses to Deacy signing the pledge.

by Luis Gronda



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