Senator Schumer Endorses Phil Goldfeder

Senator Schumer Endorses Phil Goldfeder

United States Senator Charles Schumer endorsed his former employee, Democrat Phil Goldfeder, for the 23rd District Assembly seat at a press conference in Lindenwood on Monday.

Schumer, who used to represent much of the same area while in Congress, stressed that he knows the area and its needs. “I am here to officially endorse Phil Goldfeder for the 23rd Assembly District seat,” he said. “I am doing it because I know this district and I know Phil. They are a perfect match.”

Goldfeder worked as the director of intergovernmental affairs for the Senator for almost three years. He also worked as an aide to Mayor Bloomberg and led multiple political campaigns.

The 23rd District seat was vacated by Democrat Audrey Pheffer, who is now the Queens County clerk. Pheffer and state Senator Joe Addabbo (D-Howard Beach) attended the press conference to show their support for their fellow Democrat.“This is a district of hard working middle class people who are not only the backbone of New York City but the backbone of America,” said Schumer. “This district is the future of America. The middle class does not complain. They don’t ask for much. They need an Assemblyman who puts the community first and doesn’t forget where he came from and who he represents when he goes to Albany. I know he is the man for the job because he worked for me for three years.”

Schumer explained that while working under him, Goldfeder helped to solve many of the same community issues that District 23 faces. Also as a native of the district, “He doesn’t have to learn it because he grew up in it,” said Schumer.

“I would like to see the community just as great as it is today. That will happen with Phil Goldfeder as Assemblyman,” he continued.

At the press conference, Goldfeder emphasized his knowledge of the area, and his experience governing the community’s concerns.

“I am luckier and prouder to have worked for the Senator,” said Goldfeder. “Our job was to look at the community, never forgetting where we came from. I will never give up and never forget where I came from when I go to Albany.”

If elected, he said his first legislation will be to eliminate the Cross Bay Bridge toll. “We want people traveling into the community and not charging them to come.”

His main concern is finding jobs for the people living in the district, which stretches from parts of Ozone Park to the Rockaways. To accomplish this, he plans to invest in infrastructure, local small businesses and in the work force. He said that the Aqueduct racino project is a great start but he plans to create more job opportunities.

“Phil will take that energy to the state Assembly and he won’t rest until he tackles the number one issue on everyone’s mind – which is jobs, jobs, jobs,” said Schumer.

With a large majority of the crowd senior citizens, he promised to continue to protect Medicare. “Health care needs to be affordable, especially for the elderly who are such an important part of our community,” said Goldfeder.

Goldfeder’s opponent, Jane Deacy, is a Republican District Leader. They will face each other in the special election on September 13th – the same day as New York’s primary.

by Shannon Farrell


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