Entourage of Burglars Hit South Ozone Park, Neighbor Says

About 10 men ransacked a home on 122nd Place between 149th and 150th avenues in South Ozone Park around 2 p.m. on Wednesday, leaving area residents terrified of what might be coming next in an area where another burglary happened just months ago, according to a resident who wished to remain nameless.

A man in his mid-20s returned to his 122nd Place house on Thursday and, upon entering the driveway, saw about 10 men running out of the building, according to his neighbor. The neighbor was unsure as to what the men had stolen because police had not yet permitted the man to re-enter his home.

The burglars apparently broke into the home by pushing in an air-conditioning unit and climbing in through the back window, the neighbor said.

“It’s very scary,” the man said. “My wife and I will be taking out our AC unit each time we leave now.”

The individual said another burglary happened on the same street about two months ago.

“I saw the guy – he dressed up like a repairman,” the neighbor said. “He ran one person’s bell, they answered the door and he said, ‘Oh, I have the wrong house,’ and went to the door next door to me. Then he goes around back, climbed through the window and took cell phones, an iPod, some money on the table and went out the front door. The people were home the entire time; they were in the basement.”


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