Back Behind Bars: 112th Nabs Career Bad Guy

A search warrant executed by the commanding officer of the 112th precinct and his team has resulted in the arrest of yet another career criminal in the Forest Hills/Rego Park community.

Captain Thomas Conforti said the probe into the narcotics activity was initiated in his precinct and that there had been about three weeks of investigation leading up to the arrest of a man with a rap sheet and long history and who was currently out on parole for drug charges, including those for sale and distribution.

The arrest was spurred on by tips that detectives got while working on an enhanced investigation to crack the burglary pattern that spiked in the precinct several months ago.

“Our detectives encountered certain individuals during their investigation that had information regarding the sale and distribution of drugs in our communities,” said Conforti. It was several drug users, including Forest Hills resident, Chanon Anoalov, that turned over information on their suppliers which led to Friday’s arrest. Analov, who needed money for drugs, was arrested after robbing his victims while threatening them with syringes supplied he said contained his AIDS tainted blood.

Substantial quantities of both cocaine and marijuana were recovered.

Police removed the man from the base of operation located on Austin Street near 63rd Drive. Calling it a “very, very sad situation” Conforti said the drug business was being run out of the house where the suspects 80+ year-old bedridden mother lives.

Residents are urged to contact the Precinct Community Affairs Office at 718 520-9321 if they suspect criminal activity related to drug offences.

By Patricia Adams


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