New York City Parking Cards For Sale

New York City Parking Cards For Sale

NYC Parking Card

NYC Parking Card

There’s good news for motorists who are sick and tired of carrying pockets full of coins or pleading with merchants to change their bills for quarters and of course, tired of getting summonses while searching for change.

NYC Parking Cards are pre-paid cards that can be used to park for parking at all New York City muni-meters and all municipal parking garages and lots. The cards are available from the city in $20, $50 and $100 denominations.

They can be purchased online with a credit card after a one-time registration, and after the initial purchase you will have an account from which you can reorder.

Parking cards do not expire and they are valid until the card balance is exhausted. Every time you use the card, your new balance will be displayed. At this time, cards cannot be refilled.

Remember to avoid exposure to high temperatures (leaving the card on the dashboard under a hot sun) and keep cards dry. Grease or other materials can interfere with the communication between the card and the machine. If this happens, wipe the gold colored chip embedded in the card with a soft cloth, and try again. If that doesn’t work, try a different machine.

The card is a great convenience and can be purchased readily.

To buy the card online, follow this link:

To get the mail application, follow this link:


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