104th Pct. Pens 23 Summonses in One Saturday

104th Pct. Pens 23 Summonses in One Saturday

It took just one day for the Ridgewood-based 104th Precinct to issue more than 20 summonses, thanks to help from various city agencies.

The MARCH – multi-agency response to community hotspots – went down Saturday, April 5 at various nightlife locations at the root of residents’ complaints, a spokesman for the 104th said. Officers marched through the precinct alongside the state liquor authority, Buildings Department, Mental Health and Hygiene Department, Fire Department, Environmental Protection Department, Police Department and legal bureau.

A total of five spots were targeted, the 104th Precinct said, including the Blue Bar at 681 Seneca Ave., Apulum Corp. at 18-19 Palmetto St., Lugo Lounge at 108 Cypress Ave., Casada Café at 675 Seneca Ave. and Alvarado Grocery at 16-83 Madison St. Each spot returned at least four summonses, except for Alvarado, which received one, the precinct said.

But the Seneca Avenue grocery was not completely in the clear.

Its only summons came for running an illegal social club in its basement. But Alvarado Grocery’s manager Kerolo Bolous, 22, of Ridgewood, was also arrested and charged with reckless endangerment for running a gasoline-powered generator in the basement, which was filling the store and residential apartments above with carbon dioxide, police said.

The summonses ranged from a slew of different violations including various safety hazards, the precinct said.

By Phil Corso


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