Jamaica Man Pleads Guilty to Sexually Abusing Young Girls in S. Ozone Pk.

A Jamaica man pleaded guilty last week to having sexual contact with two 7-year-old girls in South Ozone Park last year, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Lee Samuel, 26, who had been held without bail since his arrest last May, pleaded guilty in Queens Supreme Court to touching one girl on the butt as she was tying her shoe and to engaging in a sexual act with another young girl, according to the DA.

“The defendant has admitted to being a sexual predator and, as such, he has proven himself to be a threat to children and a clear and present danger to society in general,” Brown said in a prepared statement.

Samuel’s guilty plea “ensures that he is punished for his crimes and spares his young victims of having to relive their nightmarish experience at trial,” the DA continued.

Samuel is set to be sentenced May 5, at which time Acting Queens Supreme Court Justice Suzanne Melendez will sentence him to 14 years in prison and 20 years’ post-release supervision, Brown said.

The 26-year-old admitted that he approached one of his female victims from behind on the afternoon of May 1, 2013, ashe she was tying her shoe on the sidewalk and touched her on the butt. Several hours later that same day, he approached his second victim and asked if she wanted to play a game. He told her to cover her eyes with her hands and stick out her tongue. When the girl opened her eyes, she saw that Samuel had exposed himself, the DA said. Samuel then grabbed her by the waist and engaged in a sexual act with her, according to Brown.


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