CTK Students Present Year-Long Science Research

CTK Students Present Year-Long Science Research

Photo courtesy Christ the King

Photo courtesy Christ the King High School

Christ the King Students presented their yearlong science research at the school’s Science Research Symposium. The Advanced Research class allows juniors and seniors to conduct individual research in areas of interest in conjunction with St. Joseph’s College. The work is the presented at the city Science and Engineering Fair as well as the Intel Science Talent Search.

Students are also eligible for college credits, college scholarships and advanced college placement through their research projects.

The junior research projects were:  Ion Degradation by Dominicl Makoki; Gram Negative Bacteria by Monica Cantos; Wind Energy by Stephen Lebak; Brain Functions: Short Term Memory and Spatial Reasoning Between Genders by Kevin Rodriguez & Kristin Tully; and The Effects of Caffeine on a Daily Basis by Sergio Velasquez.

The senior research projects were: Cloning by Christopher Coombs; Epigenetics, Gene Duplication and Hyper Mutation of ArabidopsisThaliana by Kerry Mackey; Concussion Prevention; Football Helmet Reconstruction by Christian Nolasco; and The Effects of Stimulants and Depressants by Ashley Biondo.


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