106th Catches Lindenwood Car Thief: Schiff

106th Catches Lindenwood Car Thief: Schiff

Richard Hobbs  Photo courtesy NYPD

Richard Hobbs Photo courtesy NYPD

A Lindenwood man was caught redhanded behind the wheel of a stolen car earlier this week, hopefully putting an end to a string of related crimes in southern Queens, Deputy Inspector Jeffrey Schiff said.

Richard Hobbs, 27, was arrested Monday after cops alleged he stole an unattended running vehicle early in the morning in Ozone Park. Plain-clothes officers spotted the suspect soon after his description hit police radio waves and arrested him to find out he was already a known offender.
Police were also still searching for 34-year-old Joseph Quick of Howard Beach, who authorities pegged as Hobbs’ partner and was previously picked up in the 75th Precinct earlier this month for the alleged attempted burglary of a private house. He remained at large as of Wednesday evening.
In a letter to the community, Schiff said Hobbs allegedly stole two other unattended cars, including one on Sunday night near 156th Avenue and Cross Bay Boulevard and another two weeks ago near the Burger King in South Ozone Park.
It was also found that Hobbs was allegedly behind four other car break-ins in the Howard Beach area, police said.

“The subsequent arrests of this prolific perpetrator, Richard Hobbs, was made possible by residents and business owners who had video of the crime incident,” Schiff said in a statement. “We have contacted the Queens District Attorney’s Office and have stressed the need for an aggressive prosecution of this defendant and ‘our’ collective wish that he serve a long sentence! The 106th Precinct is dedicated and working hard to keep you all safe from these predators.”


By Phil Corso

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