“Nosy” Neighbors Sniff Out 311 Odor Complaints

“Nosy” Neighbors Sniff Out 311 Odor Complaints

N9722470The summer brings it haul of noise complaints each year and the precinct which covers

Howard Beach and parts of Broad Channel report some of the highest numbers in the city

for noise complaints submitted.

But a peek at 311 complaints for another issue escalated in the summer shows something

else that seems to be bothering residents in both those communities. The smell of them.

A quick look on the 311 site provides the complainant an opportunity to enter concerns

over some smells most people did not even know existed. All in all, citizens have the

chance to register reports on 8 different categories of smells including pigeon waste or

odor, wastewater treatment plants odor, chemical odor, bad indoor air quality or odor,

ventilation or exhaust system odor, a smell coming from a dry cleaning business, a smell

coming from a catch basin or sewer and finally a foul odor coming from an unknown


Throughout Queens there seem to be some really “smelly” neighborhoods according to

the folks that live there. Brick underground, an online blog, has gone through the trouble

of organizing data to let us know exactly what the smelliest neighborhoods in Queens are

and on the converse side, what the best smelling neighborhoods in Queens are.


The results were based on different odor complaints in all communities and then

measured against the population of the complaining community.


RANK NEIGHBORHOOD                                COMPLAINTS PER CAPITA

#1 MALBA                                                                            29.9

#2 LINDENWOOD                                                            22.75

#3 NEPONSIT                                                                    21.9

#4 ST. ALBANS                                                                 17.8

#5 COLLEGE POINT                                                       17.2

#6 HOWARD BEACH                                                      15.9

#7 BAYSWATER                                                                14.3

#8 CAMBRIA HEIGHTS                                                 13.9

#9 BROAD CHANNEL                                                      13.8

#10 BECRST/WHITESTONE                                        13.7



RANK NEIGHBORHOOD                                COMPLAINTS PER CAPITA

#1 NORTH CORONA                                                         2.07

#2 CORONA                                                                           2.3

#3 WOODSIDE                                                                      3.5

#4 ELMHURST                                                                     3.9

#5 REGO PARK                                                                      3.9

#6 SUNNYSIDE                                                                     4.1

#7 JACKSON HEIGHTS                                                     4.8

#8 BELLEROSE                                                                      4.85

#9 EAST FLUSHING                                                             4.86

By Patricia Adams


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