NYPD Officer Convicted of Soliciting Prostitute

NYPD Officer Convicted of Soliciting Prostitute

A city cop on Monday was convicted by a jury of official misconduct, patronizing a prostitute and conspiracy after being caught in an undercover sting operation in February 2013.

According to trial testimony, on Feb. 27, while on duty, Luis Gutierrez, 39, approached a dancer at Astoria Boulevard and 8th Street. He offered the dancer, who was really an undercover detective, cash in exchange for sex. There was additional contact later the next day by phone and Gutierrez, at that time, offered money for sex to another female—also a detective who was posing as a 16-year-old teen.

Sentencing was set for Sept. 21. Gutierrez is facing up to a year in jail.

“He was supposed to uphold the law, but instead was caught—while on duty—offering money to a woman for sexual favors,” Brown said.


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