De Blasio Promotes Renewable Technologies Market

De Blasio Promotes Renewable Technologies Market

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Mayor Bill de Blasio has issued a Request for Information on new renewable energy projects and products in order to meet the goal of powering 100 percent of City government operations by renewable energy sources.

The RFI seeks advice from “all entities involved in and supporting the renewable energy sector” on yet-to-be developed renewable energy sources that will be “reliable and cost-effective.”

“This is a call to the marketplace: The biggest energy customer you’ll find is ready to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to renewable power,” said de Blasio.

New York City spends between $600 and $650 million on electricity per year. De Blasio hopes that, as one of the largest energy markets in the United States, New York City can lead the country in adopting renewable energy.

Renewable energy sources would have to create between four and five terawatt-hours of electricity per year to achieve complete renewable energy use by City government. RFI responses are due September 10.

“The City is determined to stimulate a market transformation to cleaner energy sources through renewables. This will not only lower greenhouse gasses, but also improve air quality, and help ensure a more sustainable and resilient future for all of New York’s neighborhoods,” said Stacey Cumberbatch, commissioner of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

The RFI also works with de Blasio’s One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City (OneNYC) and One City: Built to Last goals of reducing 80 percent of City greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and 35 percent of City government emissions by 2025. The City produces 3.2 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gasses.

“As we continue the push for an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, we need to explore every opportunity to find creative solutions for reducing our citywide emissions,” said Council Member Donovan Richards (D-Far Rockaway). “Renewable energy is available, so it is simply common sense to utilize these developers and groups to help us ensure that we meet this ambitious and necessary goal. I commend Mayor de Blasio for sparking this process and releasing this RFI to collect ideas for reliable and cost-effective projects from the best and the brightest in the renewable energy sector.”

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