Our Lady of Grace Sponsors Successful Car Wash

Our Lady of Grace Sponsors Successful Car Wash

PHOTO:  Forum Photo by Patricia Adams


Last weekend’s car wash to benefit Our Lady of Grace and its soccer program was once again declared a success as scores of cars lined up to get clean for a cause. Dr. Jerry Antonino, the Athletic Director for OLG’s Soccer Program, has been running a successful summer camp for kids aged 5-14 for over 20 years. “This year, we have over 100 children participating, and a lot of our trainers are alumni of the program,” he said.

The fundraiser kicked off the summer camp, which ends on Friday the 17th. Volunteers on hand to wash cars included parents, other community members, and the young soccer players themselves.

For future events, to donate, or to participate in one of the programs, visit olgsoccer.com or like them on Facebook. Registration for the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 OLG Soccer Travel Teams, as well as the Instructional Teams (for those children at the pre-K and Kindergarten levels) is currently open.


By Eugénie Bisulco



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