High-End Trash Baskets to Help Combat Litter in District 28

High-End Trash Baskets to Help Combat Litter in District 28

PHOTO: City Councilman Ruben Wills (back row, fourth from l.) was joined this week by civic leaders and Sanitation officials in announcing targeted placement of high-end trash receptacles along commercial corridors in District 28. Photo Courtesy of Councilman Wills‘ Office

One area elected official is talking plenty of trash these days.

City Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica) on Tuesday announced that new high-end litter baskets, with small openings designed to curb illegal dumping, have been distributed throughout Council District 28’s commercial corridors by the Department of Sanitation.

Additionally, Wills indicated that he soon will embark on a tour of thoroughfares, including Sutphin, Guy R. Brewer, Rockaway boulevards, Liberty Avenue and 101st Avenue, alongside DSNY officials to educate shopkeepers about proper waste disposal.

Residents and visitors tend to incorrectly place garbage in the less restrictive open-air wire mesh baskets that can be seen on many street corners, Wills noted, oftentimes ignorant of the fact they are both violating the law and polluting the community. The neighborhoods of Southeast Queens have particularly been plagued for years by illegal or improper refuse disposal.

“I’ve witnessed hideous amounts of rotting garbage spilling out onto the streets, left for days before it is hauled away,” Wills said. “My office continues to utilize funding from the Council’s NYC Clean-up Initiative to supplement and bolster the city’s Sanitation services, and the high-end baskets we just acquired will help to alleviate this issue. The fact remains, no matter how often our litter baskets are emptied or department violations issued, the culture of slovenliness entrenched within our community must be swept away. A fundamental change in people’s attitude is vital to the success of this campaign. I thank the Sanitation Department, Community Board 12, and the many business owners who joined me today for their commitment to this endeavor.”


By Michael V. Cusenza




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