Real Estate Rep Refutes Claims of ID Theft Condo Landlord; Says she did not discourage background check of lessee

Real Estate Rep Refutes Claims of ID Theft Condo Landlord; Says she did not discourage background check of lessee

PHOTO:  An Incredible Homes Realty, Inc. salesperson this week told The Forum that she did not discourage the landlord of a Park Village condo from performing a background check on the eventual lessee. The condo was raided last month by cops who discovered it to be the headquarters of a large-scale credit card fraud operation.  Forum Photo by Michael V. Cusenza


An area real estate saleswoman this week refuted the claims of the landlord of an Ozone Park condominium at the center of a large-scale credit card fraud and identity theft operation.

Last month, police executed an early-morning raid and search warrant at a second-floor residence in the Park Village Condos on Centreville Street, according to the NYPD and sources.

Jacques Joseph, 32, and Kaeshawn Kerr, 21, have been charged with dozens of counts of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument and criminal possession of a forgery device with the intent to use; both D felonies.

According to documents obtained by The Forum, the condo in which Joseph and Kerr were cuffed was leased last October to Shantelle Walker, 32, believed to be Joseph’s girlfriend, who is currently locked up in Nassau County jail on fraud charges.

In March 2014, Walker and Joseph were caught with 60 stolen credit cards after attempting to use one at a Garden City Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Walker is scheduled to be released on Sept. 29. Her Park Village lease expires at midnight on Sept. 30.

Last week, Mary Walsh, the owner of the condo, said that she was discouraged by Incredible Homes Realty, Inc. saleswoman Carol Gambale from performing a background check or calling Walker’s former landlord and employer at the time of the lease agreement.

“That’s not true,” Gambale stated emphatically. “I did my best and tried to be fair for both sides. I’m not going to trash Mary, but we tried to help. I never said don’t do it.”

Gambale, who indicated that she represented Walker in the matter and earned a $1,300 commission on the sale, said that she could not advise Walsh either way.

“I only bring the client,” Gambale noted. “I never told [Walsh] to accept her. As a landlord, you have the right to do a background check. Had I known that [Walker] had a past, I would have disclosed that.”

Walker allegedly claimed to work for a company at John F. Kennedy International Airport, and produced documentation attesting to such employment. However, a Forum investigation has revealed that Walker is not employed by the company, but instead is on government-assistance rolls.

“That’s why you go to a real estate office—to protect you from this,” Walsh said.

Gambale said her history in the real estate industry speaks for itself.

“My record is immaculate as far as doing the right thing,” she said.


By Michael V. Cusenza


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