Cops Cuff Nude Creep after Community Confronts him outside Park

Cops Cuff Nude Creep after Community Confronts him outside Park

PHOTO: Barone was arrested on Saturday afternoon outside Frank M. Charles Memorial Park in Howard Beach. Courtesy of Anonymous

By Michael V. Cusenza and Patricia Adams

A dramatic and, at times, bizarre scene unfolded in a matter of minutes on Saturday afternoon in Howard Beach as concerned neighbors confronted a man who witnesses said had been snapping photos of various females and pleasuring himself as he sat stark naked behind the wheel of his vehicle.

David Barone, a resident of Howard Beach, was eventually taken into custody on Saturday and arraigned on a criminal complaint charging him with second-degree harassment, assault, public lewdness, and exposure of a person.

He was released Sunday on his own recognizance and ordered to return to court on July 25.

According to an eyewitness, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, he first observed Barone sitting in his CUV, and it appeared that he was either filming or taking still images of one of the witness’ neighbors as she tended to her front lawn.

“Total disbelief, and I’ve seen a lot,” the witness said before describing what Barone was allegedly doing with his free hand. Barone eventually drove off – with the witness and a close friend he recruited for assistance following roughly three car lengths behind him.

The witness then said he watched from his vehicle as Barone crept slowly, all the while taking pictures, seemingly staring at girls and women, until he stopped the car at 99th Street and 165th Avenue, just outside Frank M. Charles Memorial Park.

The witness – a parent who at this point in his account of the events has become a taut ball of nerves, disgust, and anger – exited his auto, his friend at his side, and approached Barone’s vehicle.

“I wanted to take his head off,” the man said.

He almost did.

Barone was sitting there—nude—his clothes to his right, neatly folded in the passenger foot rest, the witness said. And again, he seemed to have been caught in a compromising act.

“’Gimme your ID or you’re going to jail,’” the witness said as he confronted a stunned Barone. “’Try to get out of the car and you’re going to the hospital.’”

The witness said Barone answered, “’No, no, no, you guys don’t understand – I’ve got a cyst,’” and motioned toward his exposed nether region.

The witness then reached into the car in an attempt to get the keys out of the ignition. Barone, iPhone in hand, greeted the witness with four rapid punches to his mouth. He had a dentist appointment scheduled for Wednesday.

A large crowd gathered outside the park. Police arrived with a large contingent and cuffed Barone.

“The first thing you think about are your kids,” the witness said. “To have a predator like this in the area—No, no way.”

Joann Ariola, president of the Howard Beach-Lindenwood Civic, was appalled at the details, but also stressed to the community to let the appropriate officials handle the case.

“As a resident of Howard Beach and president of the Civic, I am just as puzzled when I learned of the swift release of the person who was charged,” said. “However, I urge the law-abiding residents of Howard Beach to allow the NYPD and the District Attorney’s Office to do their due diligence in this matter.”


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