Editorial: What’s Good for the Genting…

Editorial: What’s Good for the Genting…

Photo Courtesy of JCJ Architecture

Resorts World Casino New York City wants to expand.

And for two very important, yet simple reasons, we say: Let ‘em.

We can hear your cynical sneers now: You’re blindly giving this ginormous (yes, that’s a real word) expansion project the green light because the casino has been a loyal advertiser in The Forum for years.

It’s true – RW NYC has rented a half-page in this trusted newspaper for many weeks. What’s not even remotely accurate is the assumption that said business relationship has anything to do with our decision to support their growth.

We all know what assuming does…

Our preliminary stamp of approval is based on two cornerstones:

  1. All signs point to this expansion being a very good thing for Queens – and if it’s good for our home, then we’re all for it. Ostensibly it will create thousands of crucial temporary and permanent job opportunities, put billions back into education, and make the borough a destination.
  2. Resorts World, for the most part, has been a solid south Queens neighbor since the racino opened in 2011. Yes, there have been some incidents – but they are few and far between. We have no reason to expect any sort of dramatic change in demeanor or decorum from this establishment and its leaders.

“Our experience during the last five years with casino officials is that our concerns do factor into their decision making. We’re certain that will be the case as this new project moves ahead,” Community Board 10 Chairwoman Betty Braton said, in part, on Wednesday.

And we agree. Because RW NYC, and its parent company, Genting Americas, haven’t shown us anything but respect, responsibility, and accessibility since they broke ground at Aqueduct.

“This new expansion, and its corresponding increase in visitation to our facility, will result in a boost in revenue for both New York’s education fund and the state’s horse racing industry – while also acting as a catalyst for additional economic development in our local Queens community,” said Michael Levoff, senior vice president of Public Affairs for Genting Americas. “Beyond providing additional revenue, this expansion will also add approximately 1,500 good-paying careers for New Yorkers and thousands of construction jobs.”

Uh oh – queue the ominous music. Mr. Evil Corporate Person has spoken.

Nope. Our neighbor with a durable track record has reassured us.

We’re going to take them at their word. Because they’ve never given us a reason not to.


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