Police Presence Deterring Illegal Harvesting at Jamaica Bay: Feds

Police Presence Deterring Illegal Harvesting at Jamaica Bay: Feds

PHOTO: The U.S. Park Police has set up a task force to patrol the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Courtesy of the National Park Service

By Michael V. Cusenza

The illegal harvesting of threatened or endangered species in Jamaica Bay has declined significantly in recent months, according to the National Park Service; and the agency cited the increased presence of U.S. Park Police and the task force that USPP has organized as the reasons for the success.

USPP credited patrolling and enforcing all Resource Management Violations that occur within Gateway National Recreation Area and the waters of Jamaica Bay with the positive results.

In June, according to the USPP, two arrests were made and seven notices were issued for various Resource Management Violations in the bay’s Wildlife Refuge.

On June 5, Juan Morales was arrested for allegedly harvesting horseshoe crabs from the west side of the Refuge.

On June 22, Mei Yu Weng was arrested for allegedly harvesting clams from the east side of the Refuge and for resisting arrest.

And on June 13, Chen Xing was issued a Code of Federal Regulations summons for harvesting a diamondback terrapin turtle from the east side of the Wildlife Refuge.

Other violators were summoned for dogs off leash in the piping plover nesting area, and for using unauthorized lights to observe wildlife in the waters off the Refuge.



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