Howard Beach GOP Club Supports Sullivan

Howard Beach GOP Club Supports Sullivan

The Ronald Reagan Republican Club of Howard Beach recently kicked off the new year with a well-attended meeting to support District 23 Assembly candidate, retired Army Col. Tom Sullivan.

The meeting also featured an info session on how to obtain a concealed carry firearm license in New York City.

Club Vice President Phyllis Inserillo said, “You are here looking to get a license to carry a gun because you don’t feel safe. The laws that the current Assembly member voted in favor of has caused that and we need someone who is going to represent what we want in Albany, not go along with a leftist playbook. Tom Sullivan is that person.”

Councilwoman Joann Ariola (R-Ozone Park) informed the crowd about current laws that her colleagues in the City Council voted in favor of which she opposed: Intro 586 and Intro 549.

Intro 586 would require the NYPD to do more paperwork and data entry on minor interactions with the public, taking more police officers off of the street and able to do community policing.

Intro 549 would have those who commit a violent crime while incarcerated be removed from the general population for only four hours rather than separated from the group for an extended period. This law would put the safety of correction officers and other inmates at risk.

Club President John Calcagnile said, “We need more people like Joann Ariola in office. She needs partners in other areas of government who are going to fight for us like she does. We need

Tom Sullivan to be the Assembly member and we see the support he has here and across the district and we are excited for the election season and this year’s positive result for us.”

Photo Courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Republican Club of Howard Beach

Club Vice President Phyllis Inserillo (l. to r.), Club President John Calcagnile, Tom Sullivan, Councilwoman Joann Ariola.


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