Give Me a Break!

Another axe fell on two more corrupt New York City politicians last week. State Senator Carl Kruger and Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr., of Brooklyn, were both charged with accepting bribes in exchange for their votes or support of projects.

They can now join distinguished pols like Anthony Seminerio and Brian McLaughlin—two Queens Assemblymen who were convicted of fraud.

There’s also former state Senate leader Pedro Espada, Jr., who was indicted on charges of embezzlement and theft.

Then there’s US Representative Charlie Rangel who was recently reprimanded by the House last year for ethics violations. And there’s also Representative Joe Crowley who was the subject of an ethics probe after holding lavish fund raisers for Wall Street executives before voting on key financial reform bills. Crowley was later cleared of any wrongdoing, but his actions don’t exactly look good.

State Senator Malcolm Smith and Congressman Gregory Meeks allegedly created a non-profit organization that funneled money into their own bank accounts, rather than any charitable causes.

Bloomberg’s questionable donations to the Independence Party led to a subsequent investigation and indictment of former aide John Haggerty.

And now the New York Post reports state Senator Shirley Huntley has her own questionable non-profit organization that was set up in her personal residence. The Post also reported that the state Attorney General is investigating Huntley’s charities.

Enough is enough. New York City has to stop reelecting these bums. All the politicians, except Espada, won their reelection campaign in November. (Obviously, Seminerio and McLaughlin were not in a position to run for office.)

We commend Phreet Bharara, federal District Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and law enforcement officials for actively fighting corruption in our government.

We elect politicians to represent us, not to line their own pockets with our cash.


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