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Editorial: In Memoriam

Memorial Day, despite its somber significance, has come to be a celebratory event.  The timing coincides with the unofficial start of the summer season, sales on hot dogs and bathing suits, and, here in New York City, Fleet Week.  Young men and women arrive at the dock in uniform and come bounding out en masse, celebrating their dual-sensed freedom and enjoying New York’s spectacular array of attractions.  It’s an opportunity for those among us who haven’t served to see firsthand … Continue reading

Editorial: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…

A few weeks ago, The Forum adjusted our site’s method of spam-screening, thus allowing non-spam comments to appear unencumbered and unedited on story posts.  We made the fix just in time! There’s been a lot of opinion-sharing this week, both on our Facebook page and on the website, regarding our recent HBCOP coverage.  Aside from a couple of posts using expletives, we’ve left everything intact. Make no mistake about it, this is a conscious choice and not something we are … Continue reading

Editorial: COP or COP-out?

The Forum has been under attack this week by supporters of HBCOP, whom our publisher wrote about last week as having misinformed the public on details of a crime being committed at KFC. As background, the Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol last week posted on their Facebook page that there were intruders in KFC on Cross Bay Boulevard robbing the establishment while employees were tied up.  The implication was that the employees were in physical danger and/or there was a … Continue reading

Editorial: News That’s Fit to Print

We’re not here to pass judgement, just to present our readership with the news and useful information on a variety of topics.  When we are limited or restricted from getting that information, and thus unable to supply it to the community, the only people who suffer are the readers. So when we’re told we can’t attend a public meeting, or that a press conference has been canceled, yes, it means that there’s less work for us.  One less story to … Continue reading

Editorial: Fashionably Late Again?

Whether you love Hillary Clinton or…don’t, or admire Mayor Bill de Blasio or…don’t, it’s hard to understand why he hasn’t endorsed her candidacy for president (yet).  He says she’s been out of the public eye for eight years, and that we haven’t been shown yet her “vision” for presidency.  Aside from the obvious question of how someone who owes so much of his success to the Clintons could be so disloyal in choosing to refrain from endorsing her, are de … Continue reading

Editorial: Resorts Casino: Managing Mayhem

Alcohol, gambling, and lots of money make a recipe often enjoyed but occasionally poisonous.  For this reason, people complain about casinos all the time, saying that they contribute to the degradation of moral society and that good communities suffer from their presence.  In some parts of the country, that turns out to be true.  In other places, casinos become cultural centers, providing space for arts, entertainment, and dining otherwise not available.  At the Resorts World Casino in Ozone Park, as … Continue reading

Editorial: To Build or to Break

Build it Back has had so many problems that we at The Forum would sometimes read it as Break My Back, for just a second, whenever a new flub was revealed.  Nothing new this time – just a scathing audit of the Single Family Program this week by City Comptroller Scott Stringer, who looked back at the period June 1, 2013- August 1, 2014 to see how the recovery effort has been managed thus far and determine recommendations for moving … Continue reading

Editorial: The Art of the Interview

For journalists, getting a good interview is like hitting the lottery – without the promise of wealth.  An interview can be good because it’s with an entertaining subject, but that alone won’t make for fascinating, informative reporting.  The subject must also accommodate your questions.  If it’s all “yes,” “no,” and “no comment,” you’ve got a heck of a task before you.  Can you change its direction and the nature of the responses, by developing, even quickly, a rapport with the … Continue reading

Editorial: Somebody Get the Pope a Pizza!

Pope Francis held his papal inauguration in St. Peter’s Square two years ago this week.  The beloved religious leader, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, recently went on Mexico’s Noticieros Televisa and reflected on the anniversary. “The only thing I’d like to do is to be able to go out one day without anyone recognizing me and go get a pizza,” he laughingly said. But in New York City, pizza is no laughing matter – it comes with its own … Continue reading

Editorial: Better Late Than Never?

At The Forum, in this space, we’ve written about issues both big and small.  On the “small” side, we’ve talked about the personality quirks that irk us the most, and we’ve advised you on how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. These musings, even harpings, might seem silly to the casual observer – but even the silliest of issues can become important if it negatively affects more than a handful of people. We are a diverse staff, coming from … Continue reading

Editorial: FEMA: Still Fishy

Not to brag, but you heard it here first.  Back in November, The Forum did a story on Monsignor Alfred LoPinto’s appointment as CEO of Catholic Charities.  In the interview we conducted, the Monsignor called FEMA’s attempt to recoup disaster relief funds doled out after Superstorm Sandy “absurd” and suggested, even, that elderly people on fixed incomes should simply refuse to pay back money already spent. “Let them make an effort to take the house,” he told us, adding that … Continue reading

“Art”ificial Reasoning

In recent weeks, there were a couple of news stories about an ex-Professor who’d been robbing banks in the name of art, claiming that, although he needed money, the real motivation behind his two felonies was to make some sort of statement. On Sunday I read about another type of robbery for art’s sake; the front page of the New York Daily News revealed a couple of familiar faces:  Nelson Shanks, a renowned portrait artist, and President Bill Clinton, my … Continue reading

Editoral: Public Notices: NOT Antiquated

At The Forum, we’ve been trying to move (perhaps somewhat belatedly) into this century by updating our computers, internet speed, and website. Spoiler alert: we’re also hoping to soon unveil a new way of delivering news, classifieds, and event listings to our readers using modern technology in an easily accessible form. These plans aside, though, we are very aware that a lot of our readership does not have computer access, or the interest or wherewithal to use the internet. Therefore, … Continue reading

Editorial: Jon Stewart: Not Faking It

Last week the editorial focused on Brian Williams and his problematic, evolving recollections of time in an Iraqi helicopter during the war.  In the midst of the controversy surrounding his suspension from NBC, his good friend Jon Stewart announced he’d be retiring from The Daily Show by year’s end.  Only moments separated the two events.  For those of us who liked the guys, it was a 1-2 punch. Jon Stewart has been hosting the show since 1998.  Steve Carell, renowned … Continue reading

Editorial: Brian’s Perfect Brain

Most people seem to agree that Brian Williams has been a good journalist, at least in terms of his adventurous spirit, articulate manner, sense of humor, and diplomatic sensibility. He does interviews in a way that makes and keeps us curious. At The Forum, we like him, and we’ve been debating internally about how to view his six-month suspension from NBC. The question we keep coming back to is: do we really think that there was ill intent involved in … Continue reading