Editorial:  Happy New Year!

Editorial: Happy New Year!

Photo Courtesy of Sarbjit Singh/flickr.com   Our New Year’s resolutions from last year…what were they, again? Ah, yes. Be nicer to people. Show respect. We’d…

Editorial:  Just Let Us Have Christmas

Editorial: Just Let Us Have Christmas

Photo Courtesy of Jim, the Photographer/flickr.com   With recent events in the community, the country, and abroad reminding us daily that life is precious and…

Editorial:  Outlandish to Ignore

Editorial: Outlandish to Ignore

Photo courtesy of Rusdy Seng/Flickr.com   The recent terrorist threats emailed to Los Angeles, New York City, and two other school districts from a German…

Editorial:  Div+Ersity=Division?

Editorial: Div+Ersity=Division?

Photo Courtesy of Flickr.com/FLAG Program, Gerd Altmann   We don’t want to make this a political editorial, or even a religious one. Politics and religion…

Editorial:  Happy Thanksgiving

Editorial: Happy Thanksgiving

Photo Courtesy of flickr.com/Doug Brown Turkey, goose, tofu, or turducken, as you have your fill this holiday, we at The Forum hope you will stay…

Editorial:  Beasts Among Us

Editorial: Beasts Among Us

“Sometimes we ate bread for dinner,” said one of the people The Forum interviewed this week for an upcoming story, speaking of her difficult childhood….

Editorial:  Deciding Votes?

Editorial: Deciding Votes?

Photo Courtesy of Flickr.com/myJon   As we celebrate another memorable Veterans Day in the community and in the borough, we’d like to look at another…

Editorial:  Zero for Zero

Editorial: Zero for Zero

Photo Courtesy of flickr.com/NY City Department of Transportation   Kudos to the 106th precinct and the rest of New York’s finest this week. In partnership…

Editorial:  The Sign Says Stop

Editorial: The Sign Says Stop

Forum Photo by Eugénie Bisulco   Some of us at The Forum are sticklers about spelling. We even fancy ourselves to be wordsmiths. So that…

Editorial: Stop & Shop, Rein It In!

Editorial: Stop & Shop, Rein It In!

As Waldbaum’s closes up this week, we’re not saying good riddance, exactly, but we are saying don’t let the door hit you on the way…

Editorial:  Vague Negativity:  Dislike

Editorial: Vague Negativity: Dislike

PHOTO:  Facebook’s “Like” button.  Photo Courtesy of Keenan Dijon/Flickr.com   It’s sort of a sad world if we get this excited about Facebook inventing a…