Helping Japan In a Time of Need

A 9.0 earthquake, subsequent tsunami and aftershocks off the coast of Japan have left the country in turmoil. The death toll is expected to be over 10,000, and damage is estimated to cost billions of dollars.

In times of need, New Yorkers have consistently shown their generosity. Here are several ways you can help:

American Red Cross: The organization has already committed $10 million to the Japanese Red Cross. A disaster relief expert has been sent to Japan to assist in rescue operations. Texting “REDCROSS” to 90999 will give a $10 donation to the American Red Cross. Donations can also be made at

The Salvation Army: Has sent three relief teams to the region already, and hasreceived permission from the Japanese government to assist in relief efforts.Donations can be made at

International Medical Corps: Has sent doctors to Japan and is preparedto support Japanese doctors and relief efforts. Donations can be made at

Save The Children: Has a team in Sendai, Japan, to help the estimated 100,000displaced children in the region. Donations can be made at

As with all charitable giving, unfortunately there are some companies and individuals who concoct scams. It is important to research each company carefully to ensure yourmoney reaches those in need.


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