Alleged Killer Indicted for 1995 Cold-Case Stabbing

Investigators may have cracked a cold-case stabbing from 1995.

A Queens County grand jury has charged a 37-year-old Flushing man with second-degree murder for the fatal stabbing of a man he knew.

The victim, Jason Kollmann, was stabbed several times about the neck and upper body, and then pushed off the roof of defendant Andrew Caballero’s apartment building.

According to the investigation, Kollmann, a 21-year-old resident of East Flushing, was with the defendant on the roof of Caballero’s Kissena Boulevard residence at
approximately 8 p.m. on Feb. 1, 1995, when Caballero stabbed him and then pushed him off the roof, causing him to land on a fifth-floor fire escape.

Kollmann, who knew the defendant through Caballero’s girlfriend, was pronounced dead at approximately 11 p.m. by medical personnel on the scene.

An investigation by the NYPD’s Cold Case Squad led to the arrest.

District Attorney Richard Brown said, “Murder cases may grow cold but they are never closed until justice is served. Thanks to the determined efforts of police and prosecutors in this case and the emergence of new evidence that day has finally come – more than seventeen years after the victim was brutally murdered. The
defendant must now face the consequences of his alleged actions.”

The grand jury indicted Andrew Caballero, 37, formerly of 43-43 Kissena Boulevard in Flushing, Queens.

He was arraigned last week on charges of second-degree murder. Caballero faces up to 25 years to life in prison, and he was held on $350,000 cash bail or $750,000 bond. He will return to court on June 21 for sentencing.


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