Lindenwood Talks About Bus Changes

The May meeting of the Lindenwood Alliance led to further discussion among residents over the recent proposals by the MTA to modify bus
routes in Howard Beach and Lindenwood. Residents remain concerned
over the fact that bus routes have been changed to eliminate stops and require transfers when traveling to Rockaway or Broad Channel.

Community Board 10 Chairwoman Betty Braton was on hand at the meeting and said she would be detailing the community’s concerns in a letter to the MTA.

Also present at the meeting was the president of the Richmond Hill South Civic, Margaret Finnerty, who thanked the Alliance for their participation in the $1 million coupon drive to help soldiers abroad. Finnerty said that she was inspired by a promise from Assemblyman Mike Miller to throw a party when they reached the new goal: $2 million. Members of the Alliance pledged their future support in continuing the project.

Another hotbed issue introduced at the meeting was the recent acquisition of 15 additional police officers at the 106th Precinct. Nina DeBlasio, parent teacher coordinator at M.S. 207, took public exception to the fact that a majority of news reports about the additional police credited local elected officials with getting the extra cops. “I am sure we all appreciate the efforts of our elected officials, but the real work to get these extra police here was not done by electeds,” DeBlasio said. “It was done through the efforts of Captain Thomas Pascale and the 106th Precinct.”

DeBlasio told The Forum that people should be aware of how hard the precinct works to get things like this done. “Elected officials can make requests for personnel,” said DeBlasio, “but it is up to the commanding officer and the precinct to prove the need and actually get the officers assigned here.” She added that she has every confidence that Captain Pascale will keep trying to supplement the assignment with more officers as time goes on.

FDNY Firefighter George Tabeek, assigned to fire safety, was on hand to inform residents about the importance of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Tabeek supplied residents with printed material on safety measures they can take to protect themselves in case of fire and what to do to help firefighters take steps to save them.

Alliance Co-President Joann Ariola informed the membership that after deliberating about the hiring of a new security company to replace Phoenix Security, the board had made the decision not to hire any firm to do the job at this time. Residents put forth suggestions with respect to new security including the
installation of cameras in strategic locations. Ariola insured the membership that she would pass along their input.

The Lindenwood Alliance meets on the second Monday of each month at the Rockwood Park Jewish Center.

By Patricia Adams


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