Governor Cuomo Endorses Addabbo

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo endorsed State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. while talking with reporters at the annual Columbus Day Parade in Midtown Manhattan.

“Senator Addabbo has done great work. We’ve had a very productive two terms on anyone’s book in Albany,” said Governor Cuomo. “I want Senator Addabbo’s constituents to know that he is a man of conscience, he is a man of integrity, he is a man of courage, and that’s what you want in an elected official — especially in Albany,” said Governor Cuomo.

Senator Addabbo is currently in a tightly locked campaign with Councilman Eric Ulrich for the District 15 Senate seat. A recent poll released by Siena College put Addabbo just two points ahead of Ulrich. But despite this short lead, Addabbo’s press office said that Cuomo’s endorsement is a “clear display that the momentum is on our side.”

“Senator Addabbo’s record of results and leadership will come into clear focus for all the voters in Senate District 15, and we will win this campaign,” the press release stated.

In 2009, Senator Addabbo voted against same sex marriage, but changed his position last year at the Governor’s urging.

By Ryan Lavis


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