Please Help

Please Help

Dear Friends and Readers,

This week The Forum is asking you to lend a hand to a beautiful little boy who needs our help desperately.

Last week one-year-old Macalister Davison was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer that develops in the nerve tissue.

Little Mac had surgery that successfully removed the tumor from his abdomen, but the cancer has already spread throughout his body.

Mac will require multiple rounds of chemotherapy in the upcoming months, while in attendance at Sloan Kettering and after his release. He will also be receiving radiation therapy and possibly immunotherapy.

This beautiful family is faced with a harrowing road ahead of them but doctors are optimistic that they can help Mac. The burdens, financial and emotional, that will be coming up for them will fortunately never be encountered by most of us in our lifetimes. At the same time however, we should welcome the responsibility of doing whatever we possibly can to help out in situations like this.

Over the next several months, the entire family will relocate to be near Sloan Kettering. Expenses not covered by insurance are accumulating very quickly and will soon reach the point of insurmountable for this family.

Please do whatever you can to help this family out. Whatever little we can do as individuals will add up to what is needed to see Mac and his family through this time.

So please join us in helping to give what may be the gift of life to this little boy. Your contribution can help make sure that his family can care for him in the best way possible. Your money will go toward things like transportation expenses, parking fees, childcare costs for Mac’s twin brother Ailyn, food, medical equipment and supplies for home use, special dietary needs that Mac may have, and other costs
that have not even been established yet.

Fundraising began two days ago and contributions are at slightly under $20,000. Please help continue this generosity.

Thank you in advance for your love and support.

—Pat Adams


To help Mac and his family, you can donate online here:

In the coming days, further arrangements will be made to accept other forms of support.



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