Pampered Chef Makes it Happen

Pampered Chef Makes it Happen

Traditionally, I am one of those people who remain highly sus­pect of the myriad products that flood the market: the ones whose salespeople either walk the streets knocking on doors, or flash big smiles from behind the wheels of their pink Cadillacs, to peddle.

However, sometimes skepticism is best set aside when circumstances dictate.

And so with six parties over the course of the last four years under my belt, I’m finally ready to come out of the Pampered Chef closet and say it: I’M ADDICTED.

Thankfully this is one addiction with a happy ending––this stuff is the real deal. From a simple scraper to a garlic slicer or a skillet, the amazing Rockcrock pot, or a hand powered food processor, this is a line of products that are fashioned from top quality material and offer a level of performance in the kitchen only rivaled by other giants in the cookware industry. And Pampered Chef has another outstanding feature: they stand 100 percent behind everything they sell. They even offer replacements on any defective merchandise for up to three years after original purchase!

And so with everyone’s most favorite time of the year to enter­tain and create culinary masterpieces to celebrate with family and friends, upon us, it’s a great opportunity to discover first hand, just how easy Pampered Chef can make your life around the kitchen. And of course it’s not just around the holidays that you will love Pampered Chef products, it’s all year long.

The recipes that we chose to share with you here are but three of dozens of delicious, restaurant-quality entrees, appetizers, desserts that you can create with ease. People will be after you for your secrets and praising you prowess in the kitchen with every bite.

That’s another thing we love about this line of goodies for food­ies, the connection doesn’t end with the purchase. There’s a constant flow of information on the products to use them to their fullest and also an endless supply of recipes and suggestions that just keep com­ing. Questions are readily fielded by your Pampered Chef rep and there is an absolute wealth of support and information online and through social media.

So whether you’re buying a gift for someone else or giving hints for your own Christmas desires, we’d like to leave you with some suggestions on what we consider in the line-up of Pampered Chef must haves:

1- The double grill pan. With a totally non-stick surface, this beauty will handle meat, fish, vegetables and anything else you can slice, dice, chop or shred. And by the way, if you suffer the pangs of missing your barbeque and grill marks on you rib eye when the tem­perature drops, this baby will do the job right from your cook top––totally without smoke. That’s right, the grill pan is totally smoke free.

2-The Rock Crock. There isn’t enough to say about this pot ex­cept that it’s equally as comfortable on the stove top, in the oven, on the grill or in the microwave. Produce foolproof delectable risotto, pasta and anything else you can fit in this must have vessel.

3- The salad chopper. Absolutely the most dependable, versatile cutter/scissor type tool you’ll ever find. This is a tool that will prove its worth over and over again.

4- The shallow baker, and actually any piece in the stoneware line, is a must have for anyone who likes to bake, roast vegetables or create delectable desserts. Don’t stop there, the possibilities are endless.

Take advantage this weekend at the Ave Maria Christmas Fair (see page 19) on Sunday Dec. 6 to meet Pampered Chef rep extraordinaire, Marielena Russo, and get your Pampered Chef col­lection started. Mention you read this in The Forum and start out with a free gift!


By Patricia Adams


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