Addabbo Trumpets Environmental Advocates’ Report Card Score                        

Addabbo Trumpets Environmental Advocates’ Report Card Score                        

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 Out of a possible overall high score of 100, Sen. Addabbo earned an 81, six points higher than his tally last year.


By Forum Staff

 The Environmental Advocates of New York, a group based in Albany whose mission it is to protect our air, land, water, wildlife and the health of all New Yorkers, has recognized state Sen. Joseph Addabbo (D–­Howard Beach), as one of New York State’s leading legislators fighting to protect the environment from harmful waste and pollution.

The watchdog group monitors state government, evaluates proposed laws, and champions policies and practices that will ensure the responsible stewardship of our shared environment.

Addabbo, a member of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, was given a score of 81 out of 100 for his support of more than 20 pieces of legislation that the Senate voted on during the 2016 legislative session. Of the nearly two dozen bills, Addabbo co-sponsored key environmental efforts including the Child Safe Products Act (S.5995), which aims to increase transparency regarding toxic chemicals used to make toys or other products used by children, as well as a bill (S.884) that would require waste from oil and natural gas products to be treated as hazardous waste.

 The Senator also supported legislation that would protect New York’s environment from harmful chemicals and cut back on waste that contributes to landfills, including bills to reduce food waste by donating leftover food from school lunch programs to charitable meal organizations (S.854), establish a paint stewardship program that provides consumers with an opportunity to safely recycle paint (S.4926), and a bill that would require any organization using capital improvement funds to complete a project to purchase only energy-efficient appliances (S. 3034).

“These bills, along with the many others we were able to pass this year to help protect our Earth, send a strong message that our state values conservation and is ready to lead the way toward a more environmentally-friendly way of life,” said Addabbo. “From removing dangerous chemicals in drinking water to providing incentives to consumers who are gravitating toward the use of renewable energy, the bills highlighted in this report are some of the most important pieces of legislation my colleagues and I worked on this year and I am proud to have sponsored many of them and voted to approve several others.”

  Additionally, Addabbo sponsored bill (S.8043) that seeks to prevent sediment that has been contaminated with harmful waste from being used to fill pits in Jamaica Bay, a process known as dredging. The Senator also firmly opposed the Port Ambrose Liquefied Natural Gas project, a dangerous proposal to construct a pipeline off the coast of Rockaway that would have put the entire peninsula in danger of pollution and many other harmful effects, he has since continued his support for an offshore wind farm off the coast of the Rockaway Peninsula that seeks to supply renewable energy to New York City and Long Island while significantly reducing the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.

“New York state has cemented its position as a national leader in the fight to help preserve our planet and cut back on unnecessary pollution and waste, and I am proud to be at the center of that as a member of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee,” said Addabbo. “I look forward to continuing New York’s work to protect and preserve the environment in any way possible.”


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