106th Precinct Officers Hailed as Heroes  for Saving Suicidal Man

106th Precinct Officers Hailed as Heroes for Saving Suicidal Man

Photo Courtesy of NYPD

Kudos to Officers Walters (l. to r.) and Poblete, Sgt. Echevarria, and Officers Martinez and Guerriero.

By Forum Staff

Police officers from the 106th Precinct last month were able to save a despondent man who was attempting to take his life last week in Ozone Park.

The cops responded to a home on 135th Street after they received a call for an emotionally distraught man. The officers arrived quickly and found a 63-year-old man in the home’s garage, sitting inside of a car with the engine running.

“You could hear the car’s engine running from the front of the house. Once we knew the vehicle was inside the garage we forced open a gate to get to the man,” said Officer Edward Walters. “There were a lot of fumes in that garage and it was hard to breathe, but we were able to work together to bring him to safety.”

The officers were able to remove the unconscious and unresponsive man to a safe area with fresh air as EMS workers responded to the location. A nearby FDNY engine company was the first to arrive and rendered medical assistance. The man was taken to a local hospital for further treatment.




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