Teens Busted for Breaking  into Howard Beach Cars, Stealing Property

Teens Busted for Breaking into Howard Beach Cars, Stealing Property

By Michael V. Cusenza

Four teenagers were nabbed in Howard Beach last week for breaking into several cars and pilfering property, according to police and community groups.

The 106th Precinct Community Council on Thursday reached out to area residents and business owners via social media platforms and advised anyone who believes that they were victimized by the criminal quartet last Wednesday night/early Thursday morning to contact the authorities immediately.

“Howard Beach [residents] if your car was broken into last night we need you to call 911 and make a report four teenagers were arrested with property stolen from those cars,” the council posted to Facebook, along with a photo of a red-colored vehicle with its driver’s side window smashed, on Thursday at 5:18 a.m.

“I’m on 158th and 97 St, cops rang my bell around 3:30 am, by that time they had arrested them already,” one Facebook user wrote in the comments section of the council’s post.

“We have teenagers who walk up the blocks in the middle of the night trying the door handles to see if people left their doors unlocked. Always wearing hoodies with backpacks. They’ve gotten just about everyone on my block at some point in the past year. One was even ballsy enough to come up my driveway and go into my son’s car for a good 5 minutes. We have cameras and were able to watch it after the fact. Always double check before bed to make sure your doors are locked!” another Howard Beach resident cautioned on the social network.


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