Ulrich Addresses Shore Pkwy. Sanitation Woes  at Civic Meeting

Ulrich Addresses Shore Pkwy. Sanitation Woes at Civic Meeting

Forum Photo by Michael V. Cusenza

Councilman Ulrich noted that, while Shore Parkway looks much better these days, it’s still a magnet for trash.

By Michael V. Cusenza
City Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) this week called on his neighbors to take on a greater role in community upkeep and get involved in the beautification of Shore Parkway, a Howard Beach thoroughfare that has devolved into a magnet for trash.
“I’ve received a good amount of complaints of garbage, debris along Shore Parkway,” Ulrich said at Tuesday’s Howard Beach-Lindenwood Civic meeting at St. Helen Catholic Academy.
Ulrich also noted that while the recent deployment of a large Wildcat Service Corporation crew netted “well over 100 bags” of refuse, making the parkway look “125-percent better,” he can slowly see the blight coming back.
“I cannot commit to Wildcat coming 24-7 when inconsiderate people litter,” the councilman said, adding that it costs taxpayers roughly $65,000 a year to secure the cleaning group’s services. “This is supplemental sanitation. We’re thrilled to bring it to the community, but we need help.”
That assistance, Ulrich said, is “co-ops, civics, community boards spreading the word” so that neighbors can take part in keeping their own immediate environment clean.
Asked if garbage cans dotting the roadway could be part of the answer, Ulrich quickly put the kibosh on that idea.
“I don’t want to put pails on Shore Parkway – it invites [illegal] dumping,” he said.
Wildcat will return this fall to the parkway, Ulrich noted. Until then, the councilman implored his constituents to think about giving back to their beloved neighborhood.
“I need, and the community needs people to be responsible neighbors,” he said. “We have to do our job to keep it clean.”


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