Aussie Brothers Caught  at JFK Airport  Trying to Smuggle  Gun Parts in Underwear

Aussie Brothers Caught at JFK Airport Trying to Smuggle Gun Parts in Underwear

Photo Courtesy of TSA

One of several air pistol components that two brothers attempted to conceal and bring onto an airplane at JFK Airport.

By Forum Staff
Two brothers from Australia recently were caught trying to smuggle gun parts onto an airplane departing John F. Kennedy International Airport by concealing some of the components in their underwear, the Transportation Security Administration announced on Tuesday.
According to the TSA, as each man entered the advanced imaging technology scanner at the checkpoint at JFK the machines signaled alarms in different sections of their bodies to include their pockets and groin areas. A closer search revealed that each man was wearing two sets of clothing in an unsuccessful attempt to conceal parts of air pistols, which were hidden in their pockets as well as concealed in their underwear. TSA officers retrieved their checked baggage, and a look inside revealed additional gun components scattered throughout their luggage along with tools to reassemble the guns.
TSA officials notified Port Authority Police who arrested the men on multiple charges.
The agency noted that firearms, firearm components, and replica firearms – including air pistols and BB guns – are prohibited from being brought past TSA checkpoints.


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