Police Search Kissena Park for Two Bodies: Reports

Police Search Kissena Park for Two Bodies: Reports

Photo Courtesy of City Parks Department

Cadaver dogs discovered animal bones in the Flushing park last weekend.

By Michael V. Cusenza
Queens detectives on Friday and Saturday conducted a thorough search of a section of Kissena Park in an effort to retrieve the remains of two victims of a violent crime, according to published reports.
A Saturday evening Newsday report indicated that cops were digging in an area of the Flushing park at 164th Street and Underhill Avenue in search of two victims of the ultraviolent transnational MS-13 gang that an informant claimed were buried there.
The Police Department would neither confirm nor deny the search, which apparently proved fruitless. According to that same Newsday story, the dig “concentrated on a particular spot where NYPD cadaver dogs got a ‘hit,’ sources said. Animal bones were found, but no human remains, one of the sources said Saturday night.”
The report also indicated that the information was provided by a prisoner who “claimed bodies were buried in the park and took detectives to one of the locations, where the dogs alerted.”


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