Long Island City Man Charged with Attempted Murder of Teenager in Halloween Vehicular Assault

Long Island City Man Charged with Attempted Murder of Teenager in Halloween Vehicular Assault

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As Miraba ran from Richard’s vehicle by crossing Jackson Avenue, Richard’s vehicle allegedly followed him across the street and intentionally struck him.

By Forum Staff
A teen who was part of a group of Halloween pranksters remains in serious condition at a hospital after being targeted by a 50-year-ol Long Island City man who ran him down with his car in retaliation for egg-throwing.
Keith Richard aka Richard Keith has been charged with attempted murder, among other crimes, for recklessly driving his vehicle onto the sidewalk and running down 17-year-old Christopher Miraba, who was among a group of individuals purportedly out egging on Halloween night.
“A young man lies seriously injured… due to the actions of the defendant who chose to use his vehicle as a weapon to settle a minor dispute with a group of young individuals.”
Richard was arraigned in Queens Criminal Court on a criminal complaint charging him with second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, leaving the scene of an incident without reporting serious physical injury and reckless driving. Richard faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted, and was ordered held without bail until he returns to court early next week.
According to criminal charges, Richard was observed driving a 2008 Dodge Caravan onto the sidewalk toward a group of individuals, at the intersection of 23rd Street and Jackson Avenue around 8:15 on Halloween night. As Miraba ran from the vehicle by crossing Jackson Avenue, Richard followed him in his vehicle, across the street and intentionally struck him. He then reversed the vehicle over the teen and then drove forward, running him over a third time before fleeing the scene without rendering aid. Richard drove about half a block before stopping and was approached by an eyewitness who told him he’d killed a person. “That’s what happens,” Richard replied.
Miraba was transported to a local Queens hospital where he is being treated for multiple injuries, which include a fractured skull base, multiple spinal fractures, bruised lungs, a broken right femur, a pelvic fracture and a broken right ankle.


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