Christ the King Announces Principal’s Honor Roll

Christ the King Announces Principal’s Honor Roll

Photo Courtesy of Christ the King HS

Christ the King High School this week congratulated students who achieved the Principal’s Honor Roll. The recognition is reserved for the top five students in each grade. The grade average of the top students in each class ranged from 97 percent to over 100 percent.
“I congratulate the students who have achieved the Principal’s Honor Roll,” said Principal Geri Martinez. “Their hard work and dedication to academics has paid off. We are very proud of them.”
Freshmen: Kristie Caruana, Christian Wong, Gregory Jans, Elvis Soto, Maya Marchan
Sophomores: Krystian Makocki, Adalis Andelis, Taylor Lobur, Jaclyn DiBartolo, Kevin Vu
Juniors: Jakub Golonka, yssa Navos, Karleni Martinez, Kordian Von Cyga, Gabriel Castillo
Seniors: Matthew Pezzulich, William Meany, Arnaldo Deliz, Jr., Tyler Carlo, Simmi So


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