Threats of Violence  Shake up Borough Schools

Threats of Violence Shake up Borough Schools

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The principal of PS 58 received a phone call regarding a threat on social media of future school shootings that included the Maspeth institution.

By Michael V. Cusenza
A recent social media posting that involved threats of violence to at least three borough schools prompted an investigation by the City Police Department and a safety alert letter issued by the institutions to faculty, staff, and student guardians.
“This morning, a phone call was received by the principal regarding a threat on social media of future school shootings that included PS 58Q,” Principal Adelina Velastro Tripoli wrote in Friday’s notice. “The NYPD, NYPD Counterterrorism Unit and NYC [Department of Education] related personnel were immediately notified. We are monitoring the situation and will continue working closely with the NYPD to ensure the safety and security of our building. We assure you that every precaution will continue to be taken to ensure that our students and staff will remain safe.”
In addition to the Maspeth school, St. Adalbert Catholic Academy in Elmhurst (located just a few blocks from PS 58), and Middle Village Preparatory Charter School were also menaced in the Instagram post.
“There was no imminent danger to anyone today,” St. Adalbert Principal, Sister Kathleen Maciej, wrote to “parents, faculty and staff” on Friday. “The police informed me that they will be contacting me on the procedures they would take to ensure the safety of everyone. Once these procedures are made known, I will share them with you. Every precaution will be taken by the police and the academy to ensure that everyone at Saint Adalbert Catholic Academy is safe and will remain safe.”


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