NYPD Announces Changes at Highest Leadership Levels

NYPD Announces Changes at Highest Leadership Levels

Photo Courtesy of NYPD

Chief of Department Carlos Gomez, who once helmed the 106th Precinct, has retired after 33 years on the force.

By Michael V. Cusenza
Fresh off its monumental year in crime decline, the City Police Department on Monday announced more than a dozen changes at the executive staff level as part of the NYPD’s continuing operational shift toward Neighborhood Policing.
The new roles are set to go into effect next week.
“By driving crime and violence down to levels New York City has not seen in nearly seven decades, we achieved in 2017 what many thought was unimaginable,” Police Commissioner Jim O’Neill said. “Instead of taking comfort in this achievement, we have a redoubled sense of urgency. We must make every neighborhood safe, at all times. To accomplish this, we have to complete the transformation of the NYPD, which we can only do in partnership with all the people of New York.”
Chief of Patrol Terence Monahan will become Chief of Department, taking the reins from Carlos Gomez, who has retired after 33 years with the City’s Finest.
“NYC has become a much better and safer place to live and visit since my first day on patrol in 1984 thanks to the hardworking men and women of the NYPD. A big thank you to my wife Lisa who supported me during all these years,” said Gomez, a former commanding officer of the 106th Precinct.
O’Neill said that, as one of the principal designers of Neighborhood Policing, Monahan is “uniquely qualified” for the new assignment at the NYPD’s highest-uniformed rank.
Other notable executive staff appointments include:
Assistant Chief Rodney Harrison, current executive officer of the Patrol Services Bureau and leader of the bureau’s Neighborhood Policing implementation, will become Chief of Patrol; Assistant Chief Edward Delatorre, current commanding officer of Patrol Borough Staten Island, will become Chief of the Transit Bureau; and Deputy Chief Nilda Irizarry Hofmann, current executive officer of the Risk Management Bureau, will become Chief of Community Affairs and the first Hispanic woman in the NYPD promoted to three-star chief.
Joining Gomez in retirement: Chief of Personnel, and former CO of Patrol Borough Queens North, Diana Pizzuti; Chief of Transit Joseph Fox; Chief of Community Affairs Joanne Jaffe; and Chief of Citywide Operations Thomas Purtell.
“These men and women have devoted more than a century of service to the NYPD and to the people of this city,” O’Neill added. “Each of them has tirelessly contributed their very best efforts to help bring about the massive crime reductions of the last few decades. We thank them for this, knowing their great talents will continue to bring them much success.”


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