It’s certainly no secret that many Americans feel that the sacred, traditional mold for the United States presidency was shattered in November 2016 with the election of borough native Donald Trump. And after the 2018 Golden Globe Awards aired on Sunday evening, many Americans felt the possibility of another unconventional candidacy on the horizon, perhaps as near as 2020 – that of talk-show queen and business mogul, Oprah Winfrey.
We watched Oprah’s nine-minute address. Thanks to the genius of YouTube, we actually viewed it three times, searching for the moment that might have inspired such a rumor to take off.
We didn’t find it.
One could make a strong case that Oprah’s defense and praise of a free and independent press, which she characterized as “currently under siege,” was a direct reference to President Trump’s icy relationship and treatment of scribes and talking heads since entering office. But beyond that, her entire speech was devoted to addressing the oppression of women and blacks in America. We agree with Oprah there. We also agree with her statement that “speaking your truth is the most powerful tool that we have.”
But all of that does not a president make.
We like Oprah and consider her to be a powerful force in the nation. But she is not a politician, nor is she a world leader. In fact, she shares with Donald Trump much of the “resume” that so many feel make him unqualified to lead the country. While their celebrity gives them a vast range of public reach and their wealth and success apparently qualifies them as possessing business and financial acumen, are either of those things enough to be the leader of the free world? We think not.
But perhaps what is most disturbing is that the American people seem hell-bent on looking in the wrong direction for something—anything—to lead them away from what they feel is so obviously wrong with this country. A commonly expressed sentiment since the broadcast has been ‘If Trump can be president, then why not Oprah?’ The answer to that question should be fairly obvious, especially to those inquiring. If you are citing Trump’s lack of political and leadership experience, why on God’s green earth would you then want to replace what you view as devastating to the country with more of the same lack of appropriate knowledge and experience?? While Oprah is unquestionably more likable, more stable, and more genuine than the president has portrayed himself, especially as of late, can you really envision her sitting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff after Kim Jong Un launches a nuclear missile, with a well-manicured hand cuffed to a 45-pound briefcase containing the nuclear football?
Neither could we.
That said, Oprah’s timely remarks were desperately needed and greatly appreciated. We certainly hope that they have inspired the next great leader of the free world, whoever he or she may be.
“Maintain hope for a brighter morning even in our darkest nights.”
Amen, Oprah.


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