On May 21, 1971, Herman Bell forfeited his natural right to freedom.
On that fateful day, Bell and two fellow cowards lured City Police Officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones to their deaths. As the cops were returning to their squad car in Harlem, the three proud Black Liberation Army soldiers pumped bullet after bullet into their backs.
Piagentini was shot nearly two-dozen times, with the final round coming from the hero’s own department-issue service revolver as he begged for his life.
Bell was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. He has been eligible for parole seven times. He has been denied early release seven times.
Until March 14, 2018.
The eighth attempt seemed to be the charm for the cold-blooded cop killer. Bell, 70, was granted parole by a State panel whose members should find themselves on the unemployment line and have their heads examined. Both immediately.
Bell could be a free man as early as April 17. I cannot believe that I just typed out that statement.
Though it is of little solace at this point, The Forum is glad that we’re not alone in our belief that Bell should never be allowed to inhale even a breath of free air.
“The Parole Board has failed in their duty to protect the citizens of this state,” said longtime NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch. “There are no words to express our anger and disgust that they have granted release to a cold-blooded cop-killer who successfully gamed the system in two states to win his freedom. Herman Bell, a domestic terrorist and member of the Black Liberation Army, is responsible for the death of three fine law enforcement officers: Police Officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones in NYC and Sgt. John Young in San Francisco. His release on parole is a painful affront to the families of every police officer who has sacrificed his or her life in the line of duty. Today, it is accepted that, absent a constitutionally viable death penalty, the appropriate sentence for anyone who intentionally murders a NYC police officer is life without parole. Herman Bell, who committed the most barbarous and heinous crimes in killing three police officers and who showed absolutely no compassion to Joe Piagentini, who pleaded for his life saying he had two small daughters, should have never been granted parole. We are disgusted, offended and extremely angry with this parole board’s decision.”
You can’t kill cops. Period. If you do, you should be stripped of your freedom for the rest of your natural days on earth.
The Parole Board’s decision to free Herman Bell has to go down as one of the most heinous miscarriages of justice in the history of our beloved state. Because on May 21, 1971, Herman Bell consciously gave up his right to freedom. There should be no mitigating factors or loopholes that he could take advantage of in order to one day find himself living among the civilized.
Some animals don’t deserve to be let out of their cages.


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