By Patricia Adams
Please step up to the plate.
That’s what the family of well-known Ozone Howard Little League coach, Guy Losito, is asking from the community he served for nearly 30 years.
At the end of last month, Losito left work and was taken to the emergency room, complaining of a headache. Two days later, he got the tragic news that he had a mass on the right side of his brain.
After undergoing a five hour surgery two days later, the grim findings revealed a Glioblastoma Astrocytoma–a rare, malignant brain cancer, classified as extremely aggressive and incurable.
Despite this grave prognosis, Guy and his family have made the commitment to take on the fight to have as much time as possible and a good quality of life.
They are hoping that new treatments, procedures and clinical trials, will give him time with his beloved grandchildren and are hoping and praying for a miracle.
Because these lofty goals require so much money, Guy’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help them with this fight. The loss of wages as well as exorbitant cost for some of the prescribed treatments, presents them with a burden they are unable to manage on their own.
The family is planning a walk-a-thon to raise money as well, and we will keep you informed of the details right here in The Forum.
If you can find it in your hearts and your budget to help out and give back to a man that has given so much to so many kids in our community, please visit and enter the name Guy Losito in the search bar. The process is very simple and gives the family access to your generosity immediately.
The family has asked us to say thank you and God Bless You for your support and prayers!


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