Ozone Howard LL Walks for # Guystrong

Ozone Howard LL Walks for # Guystrong

After the crowd called for a speech Losito called for a group hug after delivering stirring words on some valuable life lessons. 

By Patricia Adams
Overcast skies did not cloud the mood at the Ozone Park Little League complex on Sunday morning, where a large crowd assembled to help a long-time coach and friend.
A walk honoring a former president of the league, Guy Losito, was held after news was released last month, that the beloved coach is suffering from a Grade IV GlioblastomaAstrocytoma, rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.
The event was held to help Losito and his family manage some of the monumental expenses incurred as a result of his illness.
Donations came in as walkers registered and purchased raffles and t-shirts.
The day was punctuated with stories of days gone by, friendships remembered and an outpouring of support for the fight Losito has pledged to counter this disease.
There were tears, cheers, hugs and finally after the walk concluded, time to hear form the man himself.
With his wife Donna, and the rest of his family standing by him, Losito took the mic.
“I remember when it all started, I had just gotten married and we lived on 96th street,” Losito began. “I could tell you stories all day that’s for sure, but when I walked over here for the first time, Staten Island was here to play Queens and there was a big fight on the field. I met a few of the guys, I got interested and I never left.”
Fighting back the tears, he continued. “I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you are all here. People that couldn’t make it today have been calling, emailing and texting. I can’t ever thank you enough. But when this is all over, I’m gonna get back with these kids and help turn this neighborhood around. “
And after the applause and the cheers quieted, reiterated his commitment to the fight ahead of him. “It’s been a rough five weeks. You think that you’re a fighter but it’s so hard to win a fight alone. But here today, looking at all of you, I can’t lose. I know I’m gonna do it. I won’t let you down.”
Anyone interested in helping Guy and his family is encouraged to go to GoFundme.com. Enter the name Guy Losito into the search bar and make your pledge.


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