Animal Cruelty Sleuths Tout Mobile Command Post

Animal Cruelty Sleuths Tout Mobile Command Post

Photo Courtesy of NYPD

The NYPD and ASPCA unveiled the new vehicle last week.

By Forum Staff
The City Police Department and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recently unveiled a new mobile command post that will be used by the department’s Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad in their mission to stop abuse and protect New York’s most vulnerable animals.
The vehicle will allow the NYPD to act quickly and effectively in cases where large numbers of animals are facing the greatest risk, officials said.
According to police, when animal cruelty is reported anywhere in the five boroughs, the NYPD takes the lead in responding while the ASPCA provides support in the form of forensic evaluations, medical treatment, animal behavior assessments and more. The alliance allows for a faster, more widespread and more thorough response to animal abuse complaints when and where they happen, according to investigators.
“Our partnership with the ASPCA is critical to our work to fight animal cruelty and combat abuse and neglect,” said Police Commissioner Jim O’Neill. “By working together with the ASPCA, we are a force multiplier in that effort, and we thank them for making this new mobile command post a reality.”
Both the NYPD and ASPCA noted that their partnership relies on the public’s participation in order to have the greatest lifesaving potential. The public should call 311 if they suspect an animal is being abused or mistreated. For crimes in progress, call 911.
“There’s no question that New York City has become a safer and more compassionate city for animals in need, thanks in large part to the ASPCA-NYPD partnership,” added Howard Lawrence, vice president of ASPCA Human Law Enforcement.


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