Former  Correction Officer Cops to  Smuggling Charge

Former Correction Officer Cops to Smuggling Charge

Photo Courtesy of Flickr/Matt Green

The Manhattan Detention Complex, colloquially known as “the Tombs.”

By Forum Staff
A former City Department of Correction officer pleaded guilty on Friday to his role in smuggling narcotics and other contraband for inmates at a Manhattan jail, according to federal prosecutors.
Carl Noel, 32, copped to conspiring to bribe correction officers at the Manhattan Detention Complex, colloquially known as “the Tombs.” Noel was arrested on Feb. 8, 2018; he was dismissed from the
DOC on Feb. 21.
Previously, federal officials noted, co-defendants Christian Mizell, 49, Warren Green, 41, Patrick Johnson, 27, Robert Martino, 37, Malik Holloway, 23, and Asha Patterson, 44, pleaded guilty to the same charge for their roles in the conspiracy. With Noel’s guilty plea on Friday, all defendants charged in the conspiracy have entered guilty pleas.
According to the indictment, Green and Johnson, both of whom were incarcerated at the MDC on charges unrelated to the conspiracy, arranged for marijuana and other contraband to be packaged and delivered covertly by co-defendants Martino, Holloway, and Patterson to COs Noel and Mizell. In return, Noel and Mizell received thousands of dollars in bribes, among other benefits, from their co-defendants, to smuggle the narcotics past DOC security for eventual distribution inside the Tombs.
Mizell, Martino, and Holloway are Queens residents.
When sentenced, the seven defendants each face up to five years in prison, as well as fines of up to $250,000, according to federal authorities.


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