Christmas Connolly Style: Howard Beach Trio Wows Crowd

Christmas Connolly Style: Howard Beach Trio Wows Crowd

This Sister Act didn’t feature nuns in habits, but was certainly equally as entertaining. At left (l to r) Rachel, Joanna & Shannon Connolly brought the Christmas House down at Vetro last Saturday with a combnation of vacals, light comdy and some pretty stage worthy costuming done by none other than mom, Joanne Connolly….apparently while doling out talent, God stayed overtime at the Connolly house.

By Patricia Adams

“I thought the Andrews sisters were dead…”
Turns out, I was right. But the Connolly sisters–well they’re very much alive.
And on Saturday, at a packed house performance at Vetro, the trio of fascinatingly talented sisters treated nearly two hundred in attendance to a perfomance of Christmas music and spirit extraordinaire.
The three Howard Beach divas, (in voice only), share a love of music that translates to what audiences agree is nothing short of amazing.
Classic Christmas was at it’s finest with standby’s, as well as some lesser known fare, all equally well received by an audience who was obvously moved with by a stirring rendetion of “O Holy Night” to close the second act.
Rachel, Joanna and Shannon have all studied music throughout college and hone thier performance skills under the tutilidge of dad Gerard, who is a skilled vocalist and guitarist as well.
The sisters made their neighborhood debut in November of 2016 at Nana’s where they dazzled audiences with thier presentation of Broadway on the Boulevard.
Sister Joanna’s professional aspirations as an actor/singer span musical theater, opera, and film. She continues with training in classical voice and has studied with faculty of the Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, and Yale Drama.
If you haven’t had the opportunity to take in this bevy of talent, blended with comedy and true sisterhood, we advise you to watch very closely for the next opportunity. And if you happen to have plans on that day–cancel them.
Oh and by the way, you’re welcome in advance.


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