East Elmhurst Woman Indicted for  Assault on Probation Officer

East Elmhurst Woman Indicted for Assault on Probation Officer

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A supervising Probation officer made an unannounced visit to Grant’s 82nd Street home over the summer.

By Forum Staff
Assault on a probation officer has resulted in a 50-year-old Queens woman facing an indictment after she was convicted last year on animal cruelty charges and sentenced to three years’ probation.
Elizabeth Grantof82nd Street in East Elmhurst is facing assault charges for pushing a probation officer during a home visit at her home, where more than a dozen animals were being housed.
“The defendant not only continued to hoard animals which is in violation of a court order, but she… assaulted an officer who discovered more animals in the home.”
Grant tried to push the probation officer down a flight of stairs and was arraigned on a 43-count indictment charging her with assault on a peace or police officer, a fireman or an EMS professional, second-degree assault, second-degree assault as a hate crime, second-degree criminal contempt, overdriving, torturing or injuring an animal and failure to provide proper food and drink to an impounded animal before Queens Supreme Court Justice Stephanie Zaro. Justice Zaro held the defendant on $100,000 bail on the assault charges, ordered her held without bail on the violation of probation charges and ordered her to return to court on March 19, 2019. If convicted, the defendant faces from eight to 25 years in prison. The drama unfolded when a New York City Department of Probation Supervising Officer made an unannounced visit to Grant’s home in the early morning hours of August 29, 2018, pursuant to the defendant’s sentence of three years’ probation.When Grant’s mother opened the door, a foul odor was emanating from inside. A very combative Grant approached the officer inside the home. “You can’t come in here. You don’t have a warrant. My case is on appeal. You can’t do this to me.” She uttered derogatory sexual and racial remarksto the officer. The officer began taking photos of cats, some undernourished and Grant attempted to grab her cellphone.Attempting to prevent the officer from leaving the kitchen she shouted“Go ahead, punch me. Push me. Slap me.”
Numerous dogswere observed on the second floor appearing to be underweight. When the officer started down the stairs Grant pushed her from behind with both hands causing her to trip and twist her back while attempting to hold onto the railing to prevent a fall. The officer suffered serious physical injuries.
A court-ordered search revealed the premises to be crammed and without air flow despite temperatures exceeding 90 degrees.
An excessive number of flies dogs were being kept in a cramped kitchen area were also found. Officers recovered two turtles in dirty water inside an aquarium in the bathtub, seven dogs, including four adult dogs and three puppies, one cat, two rabbits, two guinea pigs and two Beta fish from inside the residence.
Grant was found guilty at trial in March of 108-counts of animal cruelty, failure to provide proper sustenance and failure to provide proper food and drink to impounded animals and was ordered to not own, harbor, or have custody or control of any animals for ten years.
She was sentencedto three years’ probation, ordered to receive mental health counseling, comply with unannounced visits for animal checks, and register with the New York City Department of Health as an animal abuser.


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