Dads, Daughters  and ’Dos at PS 97

Dads, Daughters and ’Dos at PS 97

Photo Courtesy of PS 97

“Tress” is more, some fathers learned, at PS 97’s Dads Do Your Daughters’ Hair event on Monday in Woodhaven.
“Our dads were very excited to learn how to do their daughters’ hair!” Parent Coordinator Amelia Joseph said of The Forest Park School’s second annual lesson on locks. “A few dads told us that mom made sure they didn’t miss this event.”
One of PS 97’s moms, Mrs. Contreras, hosted the hair affair and shared her talents by showing the dads—and some moms—how to care for their daughters’ ’dos. She taught all how to make a twist with a clip and a twisted pony tail.
All in attendance received a goody bag of accessories and a water spray bottle so they could practice at home.


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